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Living A Yin Life.

Updated: May 30, 2020

Winter and summer. Night and day. Moon and sun. Dark and bright. Fire and water. These polar opposites were created to bring harmony, balance and a supporting foundation to everything in existence in our beautiful natural world. Without one the other would not exist and they balance each other out perfectly.

The combination of these two cosmic forces is Yin and Yang in its purest form and they are interdependent in our natural world. Yin is the winter: cold, dark, passive and soft. Yang is the summer: warm, bright, creative and strong. These two opposites attract and complement each other and a balance between them must be reached in order to achieve harmony.

We – like all beings – have these dual aspects in our lives, our personalities, our thoughts and our physicality. As children we are Yang with lots of movement and energy and excitement in our lives. And as we age and move into the Yin stage of our life – we are more content, accepting, peaceful and surrendering. In terms of the human body, Yin is associated with the lower parts of the body – and Yang is associated with the back and upper body. Given the Yin and Yang interconnectivity - disease or injuries are regarded as an imbalance in our bodies.

As our lives become busier and more stressful, our lifestyles are becoming more yang-like. We are becoming sleep-deprived and developing not-so-healthy eating habits. And our society dictates that we have to “be more” and “do more” and “have more” to be regarded as a success in life. We must be so careful that we do not become too yang-like in our existence. This imbalance over a long period of time can cause emotional, physical and spiritual blockages and suffering.

Now – more than ever - we must embrace and encourage the Yin lifestyle into our being. We must be more mindful and present; regularly practice yoga and meditation; express gratitude; be still; get outside into nature and just look and listen; be kind to yourself; stop and think before you respond or react to a situation; choose to be happy.

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" Our goal in life is not to become perfect,

our goal is to become whole." - Bernie Clark

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