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Yin Yoga Lifestyle, A Love Story

Colette Darville

Colette is the creator of Yin Yoga Lifestyle, which features live online yoga classes, videos,  podcast and blog articles.

Living in Raleigh, North Carolina. Colette teaches all Yoga techniques, specializing in Yin Yoga and Yin Yang Fusion styles.

Colette is certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga which is a meditative yoga that promotes healthy joints, ligaments and connective tissue.

​As a Transcendental Meditator, Silva Method Graduate (training with the late Jose Silva), a Deepak Chopra Primordial Sound Practitioner, and Bio-Energy Practitioner. Colette combines these practices with her training as a certified Yoga Teacher and has been described as a renaissance yoga practitioner with a healthy, meditative and creative twist.

Colette is inspired by her teacher training with scientist and Yin guru and author of 5 books, Bernie Clark. Workshops with Dr. Gil Hedley, fascial anatomist and author of “Reconcieving My Body,” inspired a much closer understanding of the body’s inner universe. Bio- Energy Healing training with author and teacher Csonger Daniel and understanding the power of Energy brings all these elements together in Colette's teachings.

Colette holds degrees in Advertising/Graphic Design, a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Education and taught Fine Arts at a University School in Vancouver, Canada. She is a CYT - 300hr with a specialty in Yin Yoga. Colette has been teaching yoga for 17 years. 


What Students are Saying.

Woman in Lotus Pose

Colette Darville is not only fantastic yoga instructor, she is a warm and compassionate woman who shares her love and knowledge of yoga in each and every class. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have taken my very first yoga class with Colette in January 2013 and have been hooked ever since. Colette's teaching has helped me grow as an individual which I feel deeply grateful for. My life has truly changed for the better! Thank you Colette!

Come to a class. You will not be disappointed!

- Kathi Lopes -

Child's Pose

I've been practicing Yin yoga with Colette for many years.  It began as a compliment to my rigorous workouts (spinning, weight training) and has since turned into the way I manage my day to day stress.

She does such a wonderful job of personalizing the class to each student's body.  

She is so caring and has a delightful sense of humor.  I walk lighter on my feet after Yin Yoga and feel invigorated after Yin Yang Fusion!  

Absolutely love starting my day with Colette and yoga!

Grateful everyday for class!

- Ronit Goldberg -

Yoga Stretch

I’ve being taking Yoga classes with Colette since I first started my Yoga practice. Her knowledge of Yoga is so extensive that I always learn something new in her class. Either how to properly get into an asana or a how to calm your mind with your breath, she always brings a powerful lesson to take home with you.

But above all her vast training and experience in many different types of yoga and meditation, only enhance her kindness and positive vibe to everyone that knows her.


Her vibrant energy is so amazingly powerful that I feel that my yoga practice starts as soon as I see her in the studio and she gives me a hug. She irradiates peace, calmness, positive energy and lots of love.

- Maria R. Marrero -

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" Our goal in life is not to become perfect,

our goal is to become whole." - Bernie Clark

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