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The Benefits of a Yin Practice

There are so many benefits to regularly practicing any style of yoga. Your life off the mat will change dramatically for the better and the benefits will keep you coming back to your mat every day. Firstly, the total relaxation of my mind and body after successfully completing a challenging class is so intoxicating. And this stillness and relaxed feeling of well-being continues to gently wash over me throughout my day - which also helps in having a deeper and more restful sleep at night.

Yin yoga is different from other yoga styles. The poses are held static for several minutes at a time – and this works by getting deep into the connective tissue to activate change and healing to particular ailments and/or injuries at the deepest and most restorative level. It can feel and seem uncomfortable at times but as you practice you begin to the resistance dissolve as you go through the experience.

In the Yin Yoga Lifestyle classes, mindfulness meditation techniques are practiced while in a posture. These meditation techniques are so very helpful in dealing with everyday life challenges. Learning how to stop and relax your mind and to just focus on your breath. By stopping the endless mind chatter and quieting your thoughts – you can now relax your body and produce the physical relaxation response.

Another wonderful benefit of Yin yoga is that it gives you the ability to take your attention inward – and to cut yourself off from the outer world and all its distractions. Becoming less emotional and reactive to situations by pausing then refocusing your mind on the breath.

Practice Yin yoga a little bit every day. Find a pose that you enjoy doing; hold it and relax for a few moments and remember to focus on your breath. This will be so beneficial to you and will be so helpful in you achieving a healthier, peaceful and happier life.

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" Our goal in life is not to become perfect,

our goal is to become whole." - Bernie Clark

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