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Your instructor Colette Darville has degrees in Advertising & Graphic Design, B.F.A Sculpture & Design, and B.Ed in Art Education. Her career has included Art Director for an Album Company, Book illustrator, Arts Educator and Creative Development Facilitator for Canadian inner city schools. Her work is in private collections in Germany, Dubai, USA and Canada.


Her passion for artistic expression is as great as her passion for Yin Yoga. Instructing and helping others find their inspiration, as she in turn is inspired by them.

There is nothing better than creating and collaborating side by side with other creators in our unique online Zoom Art Space.

For more information and to schedule a class

call 954-612-2702 or email

Live Group Online Classes

Groups of up to 3 students online. For the artist who enjoys an art studio setting - and who can devote a regular scheduled time slot to pursue and develop their own artistic talents.

$50 per two hour class.

Private Online Class

One-on-one instruction. An amazing experience for the artist who has a challenging schedule, and needs the flexibility to pursue their personal artistic passion.

$120 Private two hour class.

Meet the Artists & see the Art

Colette Darville

Your Instructor

Colettes work spans the genres of realism, and abstract themes.

Watercolors are meticulously painted and her acrylic work are explosions of color.

Eileen Bisson

Eileen combines her love of color with the beauty of nature.

As a Master Gardener she is highly observant of subject. Her love of shape and form in flowers and all things nature, create beautiful whimsical stories on each canvas.

Dr. Jan Faust

Jan creates landscapes of open spaces that extend as far as the eye can see. Her talent and natural ability to choose colors that enhance her subjects is a rare gift. Jans dedication to developing her artistic talents in just a year, has culminated into a body of work, that usually takes many more years of study.

Dr. Marty Jacobson

Marty lives life the way she approaches her art. She is a fearless Artist. Nothing is too large for her sense of creativity. Her style of impressionistic brush strokes, full of energy create big bold images. Her thoughtfulness is apparent in the way she uses color to show sensitivity to her subject.

Kathi Lopes

Kathi's love of watercolor has produced beautiful work. Her attention to sensitive, small details of a subject, creates a journey for the eyes that never ends. Kathi is a natural watercolorist. She is as proficient in acrylic painting, but loves the challenge and beauty of watercolors.

Laurie Sutton

Laurie produces exquisite work that has touches of old painting masters, entwined with her own style of realism.

Her attention to creating a piece of Art is never based on time constraints, it is completed when she is satisfied that the work has taken on a life of its own.

Group Classes

Groups of up to 3 students online. For the Artist who enjoys an Art Studio setting. Who can devote a regular scheduled time to pursue their Artistic Talent.

$50 per two hour class.

Private Classes

One on one instruction. An amazing experience for the Artist who has a challenging schedule, and needs the flexibility to pursue their personal Artistic Passion.

$120 Private two hour class.

" Our goal in life is not to become perfect,

our goal is to become whole." - Bernie Clark

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