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Yin Yoga Explained

Yin Yoga targets the joints, ligaments, tendons and deep fascia networks of the body and the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. The perfect compliment to the dynamic and muscular workout that emphasizes internal heat.

Yin Yoga keeps the muscles as cool as possible, allowing time to adjust and relax into a pose

for an extended period of time by combining stillness and breath.

Suitable for beginners and seasoned practitioners, Yin Yoga can seem quite passive. In reality, Yin Yoga provides a greater mental and physical challenge.

Who Can Benefit From Yin Yoga

Athletes who want to build strong ligaments and tendons to help prevent injury.

Mature students can look forward to regaining mobility especially in their joints, and to boost the flow of chi energy through their bodies.

Runners, Golfers, Swimmers, Tennis and Baseball Players if your upper body and hips have been feeling tight and less than flexible then a Yin Yoga practice is for you.  


Yoga Props - Bolster, strap, blocks or substitute with firm pillow, towels and blankets.

( Please consult with your health care provider before participating in any physical exercise.)

Yin Yoga Lifestyle-It's All About You!

Live Online Classes and Videos from the comfort of your own space.

No need to worry about traveling to a Yin Yoga Lifestyle class. Join the Global village of Yin Yoga Lifestyle online.

As specialists we really know our craft, and can accommodate your physical concerns. 

Colette Darville is your dedicated Yin Yoga Specialist and host of past Podcast Yin Yoga Lifestyle.

Colette has the passion, education and an intuitive caring attitude when it comes to inspiring your best self.

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Come Join Me..

Yin Yoga is my passion. I practice almost every day so why not join me. Check out the class schedule. A day with Yin Yoga is always a great day!


Yin Yoga Lifestyle Blog is the place to read about new ideas and inspiring ways to live your best life.

" Our goal in life is not to become perfect,

our goal is to become whole." - Bernie Clark

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