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At YinYogaLifestyle our mission is to add Enlightenment, Calm, Balance and Creativity to your everyday life, through Yoga Classes, Lifestyle Blog and the weekly Yinyogalifestyle Podcast.

After much searching we are now proud to offer you the same thoughtfulness through our online store. It is important to us that the items we sell are fare trade or ethically sound. As we receive it is important that we also give back.

Supporting women around the world and our precious environment are the focus for all that we sell. Giving back 20% to women in the fare trade sector. The richness comes from knowing that we can share with others who need more than we do.

Coming soon, please check back. Namaste.



" Our goal in life is not to become perfect,

our goal is to become whole." - Bernie Clark

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Adding Calm, Balance and Creativity to your every day life.

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